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Update Dec 12. 2010
Cavo Sidero Resort stopped?
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You entered East Crete

Domains for sale:
www.palekastro.de - www.ostkreta.de - www.palekastro.com
www.eastcrete.com - www.maridati.com
www.cavosidero.com - www.cavo-sidero.com

This site offers detailed information on one of the unspoiled regions on the island of Crete, the east, and is concentrating on the small village of Palekastro and the surrounding countryside.

Palekastro is not a vacation portal in the usual sense. Therefore this site is not the one to offer a reservation for an all-inclusive vacation with a few clicks, but rather to wake your interest for the east of Crete and the people.

Palekastro is thus no commercial site! Everything you'll find here wasn't paid by any local authority, the tourism board or pushed by no local mayor.

Map of Crete
Eastern Crete - Palekastro (red dot)
If you are interested in a vacation in one of the apartments introduced here you should know that the responsible person of this site is in no way participating in this business. I recommend the presented
apartments on my own positive experiences I made there.

Each inquiry for the apartments is sent via mail to Crete, owners will contact you immediately by mail or phone.

Palekastro - view to the east with beaches Kouremenos and Chiona

And now.. have fun while surfing, Kalo Taxidi on Palekastro.de!

www.palekastro.de - www.ostkreta.de - www.palekastro.com
www.eastcrete.com - www.maridati.com - www.cavosidero.com

P.S.: This is not the official site of the Municipal Enterprise of Palekastro!

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